Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chip Repair

Windshield rock chips happen when a small object (usually a rock) collides with the windshield at a high velocity. While the windshield did not get broken (crack) the flying object has caused a small indentation in your windshield.

Air, water and debris can accumulate inside the indentation caused by the rock chip and if left unattended (water will freeze and expand) can progress into a windshield crack. Windshield cracks are typically more difficult to repair and depending on the length of the crack could require an entire windshield being replaced.

It is therefore important to repair small rock chips on your windshield as soon as they happen or as soon as you notice them. The rock chip can cause your windshield to crack in as little as 24 hours if not repaired.

Rock chip repair typically involves drilling a small hole to get all air and other contaminants out of the chip crater and immediately surrounding area. Once the crater is free of debris and contaminants, it is immediately filled and sealed using the specifically purpose designed resin filler. You may still notice some of the chip if you take a close look at the area but if tended properly the rock chip will be sealed and typically will not spread or develop into a windshield crack.

EM’S Lube technician can repair the small rock chips to your windshield while you wait therefore saving your windshield from developing the full blown crack that may require windshield to be replaced. Please come and see us as soon as you notice any chips or minor damage to your windshield glass.


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