Oil Change Services

Using the correct viscosity oil is important because higher viscosity oils have greater resistance to the moving parts of the engine, and, therefore use more gas. Clean oil also contributes to better gas mileage. It is usually recommended that engine oil should be changed every five to ten thousand kilometers.

With every oil change:

  1. Drain your old engine oil
  2. Re-install and torque the pan bolt with a new gasket
  3. Replace the oil filter with a new warranty approved oil filter.

Our technicians also perform a complimentary 21-point inspection as well:

Grease your chassis (as required), check your wiper blades, battery, top-up your wind-shield washer reservoir, check your power steering fluid, serpentine belt, radiator coolant, air filter, PVC filter and valve, cabin filter, lights, transmission fluid level, transfer case, front and rear differentials (as required), hoses, PLUS we check the air pressure in your tires and wash your wind-shield!

All in about 10 minutes!

We proudly offer Mobil 1 as our house brand conventional oil. Mobil 1 is chosen by several manufacturers as factory fill used by many leading automotive manufacturers. We also carry the full line of synthetics and gear oils

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