Head and Tail Lights

Head Light and Tail Light Replacement

Burned Head and Tail Light is inexpensive to repair and replace but if left unatended it can have serious consequences. Headlights, tail lights, signal lights etc. are used to enhance your driving and give you and drivers that approach you the visibility and direction of your intentions. If approaching vehicle cannot see your signal light they may not know you intend to turn and may in turn proceed to drive ahead causing an accident. If the vehicle behind you does not see your brake light they will not know you are stopping or slowing down and may drive into you.

Burned head light may make more difficult to see what is in front of you in night or reduced visibility conditions. In turn, you may not be able to see any obstacle or danger in front of you making the chance of an accident more likely or even unavoidable.

We can check for burned lights or if your light bulbs are OK, we may check for burned fuse or perform other minor repairs to make sure all your head and tail lights as well as your brake and turning lights are functionning properly. Let EM’S Lube ensure your drive is a safe drive.

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