Fuel System Cleaning

What is a fuel system cleaning?

The spray from the fuel injectors needs to be wide and fine for the spark to ignite it. Think of the way you want an aerosol cleaner or hairspray to come out of the can — an even, fine mist. If the tiny nozzles on the fuel injectors get clogged, you get a gloppy stream instead. This doesn’t ignite fully. You get less power while using more gas. Bad news all around.

What clogs the fuel system? Fuel, oddly enough. Fuel varnish deposits are usually what gets in the way of that perfect cone of fine droplets.

If you’re noticing a loss in power, lower gas mileage, hesitation when you put your foot down it may be time for a fuel system cleaning. We invite you to talk to one of our knowledgable service technicians about our fuel system service and fuel system cleaning on your next visit.


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