Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

Air Filter and Cabin Filter Replacement

Fuel and Oil are not only two things your vehicle requires to drive around. Oxygen (air) is a major component needed for the internal combustion cycle to occur (for your vehicle to drive) and your vehicle is depending on the air that surrounds it.

However, the air that your vehicle takes in order to work and operate, is not entirely clean and there are particles and impurities that your engine sucks in with the air it intakes. In order to prevent those impurities to enter the inside of your engine where they can be harmful or hinder with the optimal performance of your engine, an air filter is used to trap those particles. The air filter is consumable component (needing frequent replacement) and depending on your driving pattern and weather conditions (dust and pollen in the summer, etc.) it may need to be replaced often.

To make your driving experience more enjoyable and to make sure you or your passangers do not breathe the contaminants found in the outside air, most modern vehicles and even some older ones, are equipped with the cabin filter. Cabin filter traps dust and particles from entering the interior (cabin) of your vehicle and just as same as the oil filter, needs to be checked and replaced regularely.

EM’S Lube Technician can inspect or if necessary replace your vehicle air and cabin filter at the time they perform an oil change or other maintenance service. A clean air filter will provide the better and unobstructed air flow to your vehicle’s engine saving you on the fuel charges (clogged air filter can cause an increase in your vehicle’s fuel consumption) while clean cabin filter helps the clean air reach the inside of your vehicle making the drive pleasurable experience.


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