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Proper vehicle maintenance protects you from major repairs resulting from neglect or inadequate maintenance, and keeps your vehicle running efficiently, reliably and safely.

But you do not have to take your vehicle to a dealer to perform basic scheduled maintenance on your vehicle.

Majority of quick lube and oil change facilities you see everyday are full warranty approved meaning they can perform the same vehicle maintenance service your dealership would, without voiding or in any way affecting your new vehicle warranty.

There, however is one major difference that you will see between dealership and majority of quick lube places, and that is the price of the service. While there are some dealerships that attempt to stay competitive and match the price of the quick lube drive thru service, in majority of cases the savings and price difference between the two are noticeable.

We at EM`S Quick Lube and Car Wash are warranty approved so we too can do majority of scheduled vehicle maintenance services on your vehicle as well as help you with few things that may not be planned but deserve an immediate attention. Our technicians can perform minor services such as Headlight and Taillight bulb replacement, Rock Chip repair, wiper blade replacement etc in addition to oil change, radiator flush, transmission fluid changes etc.

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Make EM’S Lube your destination next time your vehicle is due for maintenance (oil changes, coolant flush, transmission flush and more).