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Why Wash Your Car

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Although modern vehicle finishes are quite durable and resistant to environmental elements, the paint still needs to be washed on a regular basis to prevent buildup of elements that could permanently harm the finish of your vehicle. In addition, there are the obvious aesthetic benefits to having a clean vehicle.

Why wash your car?


Modern vehicles are operated in some pretty harsh environments and are subjected to a continual bombardment of potentially abrasive and corrosive elements. On the road, insects and bird droppings can land on the paint. In the winter, cold weather road maintenance bathes paint with a caustic salt solution, while summer may bring fresh hot tar that can stick to paint. Even while safely parked, dust, acid rain, pollen and bird droppings quickly adhere to the paint. Over time, these contaminants can chemically etch the surface, leaving permanent paint damage. Even plain old dirt eventually scratches the finish, while excessive road salt can lead to early corrosion. To prevent these types of damage, vehicle exterior should be washed at a regular interval even if it appears not to be that dirty.



EM'S Lube and Car Wash

EM`S Car Wash offers fully stocked accessories shop so you can perform majority of interior car detailing jobs yourself while you are washing. your car.